IAQ and my allergies

Just this past fall when my HVAC company was at my home, they suggested something to me that caught me off guard.  They looked over everything and said that I really should have my ductwork cleaned.  When I asked why this was important they said that the buildup in the ductwork contained many contaminants and could cause me to have allergies or increased colds during the upcoming winter.  I had them cleaned and now feel better about spending time cooped up during the long winter months as I have clean air. This was great knowledge to have and when I began to notice that people at work were always sneezing in our office, I thought back to my system at home.  I sent an email to my boss to ask about our HVAC system in the building.  He referred me to the building maintenance department.  I think they thought I was crazy at first when I started asking about the HVAC system.  I inquired as to when the last time the ductwork had been cleaned and they said it had been over 5 years.  We have over one hundred employees who all breathe the same air.  I shuttered to think how much stuff was built up in the those ducts.  They were happy to call the HVAC company come out to check the HVAC system out including the ductwork.  The HVAC service technician told them that the ductwork was indeed very dirty.  He also mentioned that cleaning it would improve the overall performance of the system and extend the life too.  They were happy to hear about anything that may save them money in the future and agreed to have the system cleaned.  Since that time, people have stopped sneezing as much and the whole building seems to breathe a sigh of relief.

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Love ductless AC for newsz

I never thought that I would love to brag about my HVAC system. I never tire of telling people all the benefits of the new system I had installed about a year ago. I spend a lot of time at home and my friends are always asking me why. I gladly tell them that my home is so comfortable that I don’t see a reason to leave once I am home from work. I love to watch the television shows at night. I am a homebody, because I live in the south, so I stay inside where I have quality air conditioning. My HVAC system is amazing and I can control the temperature with my phone.  I don’t even have to get up to adjust it and I love that. Since the installation of the my new units I have noticed many changes.  My old system that came with the house was noisy and ran all day just trying to keep up with the settings.  When it finally needed to be replaced my HVAC provider suggested I go with a mini split HVAC system. This system would eliminate the need for ductwork that needed to be cleaned and allow me to have zone control.  I have several heating and cooling units in various parts of my house so I can adjust the temperature separately and that helps me save on my electric bill. The overall air quality is much better as I no longer have dust particles floating in the air and being pushed around by the air ducts. I still feel that the best feature, however, is the Smart Thermostat.  I can completely control my entire home with my cellphone and even if I am away at work, I can adjust the temperature so that when I arrive home it is perfectly cooled.

multi split air conditioner

Thermostat has to be right when pregnant

I’m pregnant with twins and I can’t seem to get comfortable unless I’m within the air conditioned space. I am happy that my husband talked me into getting a ductless HVAC system for the house years ago. This is the sole thing that’s saved me from being uncomfortable regularly. With our ductless HVAC system, May possibly the climate control that I need. When I’m in my home business office working, I can turn on this air conditioning and set it only I need it to get. My husband doesn’t like to become too cold so all of those other house is at a frequent temperature. When I’m finished with my work of waking time, I can adjust the thermostat at my office. Another great thing about using climate control is that our babies won’t has to be in an uncomfortably hot or cold room right after they arrive. I honestly think that’s why my husband was so insistent about creating a ductless HVAC system installed. I also like that there is no hidden ductwork taking up space within our house. The only fight my spouse and I seem to have is what temperature to set our bedroom HVAC unit at night. I want the temperature to be as cool as possible without seeing my breath, but he disagrees. When I let him adjust the thermostat, I feel like I’m within a room with the hottest furnace on the globe. I think the sweat makes my hubby change his mind and lower the thermostat. He always comes around, lowers the setting, and then huddles under the blankets. I appreciate my husband letting me have all the air conditioning I need, but let’s hope this passes when I have the kids. I don’t want to continue fighting over climate control.

temperature control

landlord’s terrible boiler

My landlord refuses to see reason. He is stuck in his ways and insists that his boiler system keeps all his tenants perfectly warm within the winter. In our region, it’s normal for state temperatures to drop far into the negatives and stay there from days to weeks. It seems like at least once a week, the boiler is down for boiler repairs. I don’t mind that they wants to keep using a boiler system to remain the building warm because it does emit great heat, when it works. I just want this landlord to update the boiler system. One would think that with all the repairs he’s paid for in months past, he would consider the advice from the HVAC technician. After another night of freezing under the covers in my bedroom, I called a meeting with other tenants. I asked once they were all satisfied with the state of hawaii of the boiler and that constant boiler repairs. All the tenants voiced their unhappiness while using the boiler heating system so we decided to tell our landlord about this unhappiness. I think he was shocked for getting statements of our intention to advance if he didn’t update the boiler system he’d or move to a more effective HVAC system. I hated to start but I was tired of constantly being scared that my apartment would definitely catch fire from the space heater I was constantly turning on at full blast. The landlord told us he was keeping the boiler system so that you can heat his building but which he would be working with a local HVAC company to look for a newer one. I was to learn that, a couple of weeks into the spring, the HVAC system repairs would begin. He stated that he could find an efficient boiler system that is going to work perfectly.

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Heating system not working well

I am just about the most unluckiest people on the face of the planet. This may seem enjoy quite the definitive comment, but in case you knew me you would know why I’m able to comfortably say this. On any given day you will come across me succumb to many several minor tragedies, and possibly one or two major ones. A few weeks ago I had one of many worst days I had experienced in a long time. Upon waking up, I tripped before I got the chance to tie my shoes, stubbed my feet on my dresser, fell on top of the cat, was bit by a mosquito and bumped my head on the thermostat. I didn’t realize it it, but when I bumped the thermostat, I changed the temperature placing and freezing cold air was soon pouring out of your vents. I tried to adjust the thermostat but failed miserably. I must have busted the thermostat out of whack when I bumped my head into it, being the klutz I am. I called an HVAC technician to come repair the fruits of this clumsiness, but after inspecting it he laughed and said that the thermostat needed to be completely replaced. I told him to go ahead with the repairs, if there’s one thing I hate over being accident prone, it’s being frigid! The air quality was unquestionably brutal. He quickly fixed the thermostat and soon there was wonderful hot air circulating through the ductwork and blowing out of the vents. He even took enough time to share some nighttime energy saving tips! I was extremely grateful to this factful HVAC technician, because my energy bills had gotten too steep too fast lately. Maybe my luck had changed!

heating installation

My ductwork is not good for heating

I grew into a nice and an avid video-game player because of early childhood. When I was younger, if I wasn’t spending my days within the local arcade, I was at home playing the newest system. It’s no surprise to anyone who knew me I would keep up this passion well into my adult a long time. Due to the fact we had been playing for that long, I became quite good with video-games. Just last year I was invited to compete in a local competition. I of course accepted, and when I got a chance to the warehouse where it took place, I couldn’t help but discover that the furnace was acting peculiar. I assumed it was the furnace since it was quite frigid in your building. The ductwork seemed to be shooting air out of your vents, but it was most surely cold air. I knew this wasn’t travelling to be good, as cold temperatures manufactured for bad hand control. We needed an HVAC technical assistant fast or I was definitely going to lose! I would never let myself personally live it down of I lost over some faulty HVAC system and a little bad air quality. I made my way up to the judges’ desk and asked to talk to someone who could help. The pinnacle judge assured me that a qualified HVAC technician was fast approaching to inspect the furnace and all elements of the heating and cooling system. We were all utterly relieved. It would be impossible to do well in the competition along with freezing cold air blowing out from the vents!

ductwork cleaning

Temperature control is lacking

Not long ago I landed my dream job, this job ended up having nearly everything I wanted it to. Excellent pay, a decent travel, benefits, the people I help are great, and it’s within my field of study. I started a couple of weeks ago and everything has been great so far. Well almost everything, there is apparently a problem with the temperature leading into the office and nobody can pinpoint what is wrong with it. If the thermostat was busted and pumping out much more cool air it wouldn’t certainly be a problem, I would dress heated. Same goes for if your heater was pumping out an excessive amount warm air. However the thermostat is still on the fritz and thus it’s astonishingly inconsistent, it pumps out cool air one minute and hot the next leaving the whole office shivering for half the day and sweating for the other half. Complaints have been sent to a floor manager but he’s had trouble scheduling an appointment with the company’s go-to HVAC business. It seems they are in high demand at this point and can’t come to fix the thermostat until several weeks from now, and for some odd reason corporate incorporates a strict policy about using certain companies which means we can’t call another HVAC company in the future and have no way to resolve the issue sooner. Until then we’re stuck getting crazy warm and cool temperatures fluctuating at random due to this inconsistent thermostat. I just hope we can easily get the situation resolved soon, I’m getting a little fed up of adding and removing layers every day because of the busted heater.

thermostat settings

Furnace and cold air

I was sitting at home the other day and I noticed out in the corner of my eye, my own dog was shivering. I thought it odd and I checked to find if everything was alright with the poor little creature. Sure enough nothing I did had any effect until I felt how extremely cold it was in my house. I hadn’t noticed because I was still wearing a few layers from being outside. I went and immediately turned the warmth up on my thermostat, even so the dog kept shaking. I went and check the air vent and noticed it only blowing out cold air. I realized my heater has been broken and quickly called my HVAC provider over. I wrapped my dog in a very thick blanket while we waited for the technician to arrive and look at my heater. After only a couple of hours the technician showed up in the company white van. He looked at my broken HVAC equipment and swiftly got to work. A few hours later, when everything was just about as good as new, the heater was pumping out heated air and my dog was my main subject matter. I got seriously worried a bit, but thankfully the problem was quickly resolved and my poor dog is no longer vulnerable to getting sick from the chilly weather. It made me understand how important proper heating is to animals during the winter, and later on I’m going to make sure to schedule my heater service maintenance more regularly avoiding a total collapse like this again.

Good thing i have a heater

I live in the northern region in the country, I absolutely despise winter season. I reside in this particular area because my husband’s work is here. The second that he retires, we are fixing to move south. Until then,we must deal with the sub zero temperature, brutal wind chill, and a ton of snow and ice.It is tolerable because I do work at home and rarely need to go outside. I have invested a great deal of money into a state-of-the-art heating system. I don’t consider many features of my heating systems luxuries, because I need these to survive. When it’s snowing  outside, and the thermostat falls below zero, I am warm and cozy inside. I set my thermostat to the ideal temperature and the furnace handles the rest. I have a modern air furnace with variable technology. This means that the heating unit automatically adjusts to maintain a consistent temperature regularly. It can run at velocity anywhere between forty and one hundred percent,it maximizes energy efficiency and saves on our monthly heating bill. Because the furnace operates at lower speed, it truly is so quiet and there is no unpleasant temperature swings. I also upgraded the system to area control, so I can set the temperature in a variety of rooms independently. I typically keep my bedroom a bit warmer than the other rooms, and don’t bother to heat rooms that are normally empty. While I really enjoy my furnace, I am longing for the day when I will only need an air conditioner.

oil heater

Smart thermostat trouble shooting

I’m not technologically savvy, and have difficulty maintaining the times. I have a smartphone, but I only am able to send text messages and make cell phone calls. I can’t take photographs with it or manage to use it to be a navigational tool. My television is linked with a bluray player and audio system, and I can’t operate either of them. I am not competent at changing the channel. When my HVAC contractor suggested that I install a smart thermostat to master changing furnace and central air conditioner, My partner and I was reluctant. He insisted that this smart thermostat would be user-friendly, and that I would save money. He promised that the smart thermostat would let me program my HVAC components to accommodate my family’s schedule, and make changes anywhere I happened to be. Supposedly, the smart thermostat can learn my family’s routine and adapt accordingly. I told my HVAC technician to go ahead and install the smart thermostat. He then showed me how to use it, but there are many features and functions that make it difficult to keep track. I now need to ask my children for assistance if I need to change the temperature in the house. The thermostat frequently displays the outside temperature as opposed to the indoor temperature, and I am learning how to change it. It sends me constant reminders around filter changes, maintenance needs, and energy saving tips. I don’t want my thermostat sending me non stop messages, but I trying to make the application stop.

thermostat control