Where was air conditioning invented

A whole lot of different people claim to be the inventor of air conditioning. There is often a doctor named John Gorrie who was a physician in the south. There is a whole museum dedicated to him because he built a cooling system in his tuberculosis healthcare facility. The museum from his city calls him the grandfather of air conditioning. But there is another dude named Willis Carrier who also claims to be the inventor of air conditioning systems. He was considering conquering the heat and cold and knew that when he could do so, the entire world would be better off. It happens to be true, that air conditioning and heat improved dramatically during his lifetime. His idea began, they say, in the northeast where he previously had an epiphany about taking the humidity out of the air. Once heating and cooling systems started making their way into various buildings, life changed. The tradition of going to summer movies results from air conditioning. During the war, people would flock to movie theaters to escape their stress and experience the air conditioning. Hence, summer cinema became a staple in American life. We also need air conditioning systems within airplanes. If there was no way to have an HVAC system on a jet, we would only be in a position to fly very short distances. But we can fly across the world thanks to heating and cooling systems. Surely, cooling systems are also important to keeping computer servers running. Without reliable HVAC systems, we wouldn’t have our modern laptop or computer networks. No wonder so many people want to call themselves the inventor of air conditioning.

My husband is wasting money on warm clothes

My husband and I recently moved into a house in the Northwest. The home is roomy, has a beautiful yard, and it even came with a terraced outdoor patio. I dreamed of planting a garden on the terrace as well as spending my evenings relaxing up there. For the most part, the dreams for my new home came true. What my spouse and I didn’t expect when we migrated up north, however, is that homes in our area don’t come with HVAC units previously installed. During the summer this is not a problem, as the weather is gentle and houses will maintain a comfortable temperature without the utilization of whole-home HVAC units. As the elements turned cold nearer to fall, though, we noticed our home was getting too chilly for our liking. My husband spent a king’s ransom on warm wool and cashmere clothes for the winter, which I was not happy about. The clothes ended up costing more than three months of our power bills, which I obviously thought was a bad investment as I enjoy just wearing t-shirts and shorts around the house. I suggested that we take a look at having a furnace installed in our basement, and that my life partner return those expensive clothes. If we had a furnace in our home, heat would start in the basement and rise throughout the house, giving us a gentle feeling of warmth and comfort. Though it might cost a bit to use, the efficiency of the central heater would save us money concerning clothing and electric bills for a long time.

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The air conditioning helps me

In the summertime, one of my favorite things to do is spend an afternoon lounging by the pool. Fortunately, my apartment complex has a beautiful pool area, with a lot of chairs and areas to lay out. There are a few outdoor grills, which allows me to make lunch or dinner by the pool. I usually take a good book with me, and spend a few hours reading in the sunlight. I bring headphones with me to make sure that I can listen to my music and not be distracted by people jumping and splashing around the pool. Reading is a huge part of my weekly relaxation, and being around the pool makes relaxation so much easier. Every once in awhile, I’ll get overheated and swim only a few minutes before coming back inside available. The water in the pool can be so cool and refreshing, but the easiest way to cool down is when I leave the pool and revisit the air conditioning in my apartment. Of course, I love having air conditioning in the summer, but being outside for hours really makes me appreciate my HVAC system far more. Sometimes I don’t even realize how overheated I get, until I step inside a door and feel a influx of air conditioning hit me! I am always so grateful to have air conditioning after I’ve been laying out at the pool for a few hours. I don’t know if I would enjoy being outdoors in the summer months if it weren’t for my A/C. I love knowing that I can come home to air conditioning after spending the day relaxing in the heat and humidity near to the pool.

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Pregnant women really need air conditioning

If you’re a pregnant woman, there are several things you need. It’s essential you get enough rest. That means it’s possible you have to sleep more than usual, going to bed earlier or waking up later. Perhaps you might need a nap in the middle of the day if possible. You will want good nutrition. It is time for you to cut out junk food and additionally eat healthy vegetables and proteins. You also need to remain cool. Many doctors recommend you away from hot tubs, and I am here to tell you that your HVAC system can be your best friend during pregnancy. If you happen to reside in the south, this is especially true. If you are pregnant during the summer months, you will definitely be using your air conditioning system more than normal. It seems that during a pregnancy, one is more likely to experience hot flashes or have feelings of being overheated. You will want to drink a whole lot of cool drinks, especially water. And you’ll want to turn down the thermostat. I remember when I was pregnant, I not only used the regular HVAC system to cool the air, but I also installed a window air conditioner in the bedroom so I could be more comfortable while sleeping at night. Nowadays, there are more sophisticated HVAC systems that make use of HVAC zone control, so you could just make your bedroom cooler at nighttime. That would serve the similar purpose as my window air conditioner. Regardless of how you choose to do it, you will definitely need to be cool during your pregnancy.

This is why I stayed with my sibling

My sister and her husband bought their first home together this last year. The home was lovely, but was older and a bit of a fixer upper, so it needed renovations and some upgrades. I took a few days off to help them with the moving process. They moved a few hours away, a little further down the coast. The climate is similar, but a bit warmer throughout the year. They moved in late July in when the weather was hot and humid. What a tiring few days! The worst part of the ordeal was not having A/C in the house. The old owners never had any type of central HVAC system installed in the home, so the house was only well equipped with ceiling fans and windows. It was tough to sleep at night, the inside climate was sticky, not to mention uncomfortable. A few weeks later through the renovation process, my sister had a brand new central HVAC installed in the house. I returned for a visit this past week and noticed the difference immediately. Her home was properly cool, a real change of pace from my last visit. She told me it was an investment they decided to make after just a few weeks of owning the home. Their local HVAC provider installed a smart thermostat with the system so she and her husband can now control the indoor climate from any smartphone or laptop. The second visit was delightful, we spent the days out in the sun and relaxed at nighttime in the comfort of air conditioning. I’ll be visiting more knowing her residence is comfortable and climate regulated.

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Heat pump units

Recently I stayed with some relatives for a couple nights while traveling back home from a vacation. I hadn’t seen my great aunt and uncle in quite some time so I figured it was a good time to catch up and see their new residence. Their house was very nice, it had a lot with space, a large backyard and a fully furnished basement. My uncle and I had been catching up after dinner when he said the family heated and cooled their home with a ground source heat pump. Ground source heat pumps I learned work like reverse air conditioners in the winter, depending on the reliable temperature underground to fill the home with heat in the colder months. In the summertime, the cool underground temperatures are used to cool the home instead. My uncle said ground source heat pumps are a perfect example of using renewable resources, it allows him and the family to be both environmentally friendly in addition to economically responsible. He says since they’ve owned their GSHP, their energy bills have easily been cut in half. He went on to explain that ground source heat pumps are expensive to install, but those costs are made up in energy savings, usually within the first 5-10 years of owning the unit. The HVAC contractors who installed his unit explained that GSHP require very little maintenance, and when installed correctly last much longer than air source heat pumps and other kinds of heating systems because they don’t have any components exposed to the elements. I don’t own a house yet, but when I do I’ll talk to a HVAC provider to learn even more about these types of heat pumps.hvac-service-plan

I want to fix this myself

I live on my own, and most of the time, I really enjoy the privacy. My job sometimes requires me to log long hours, but it’s nice to never have to worry about disturbing anyone else when I come home. I’ve been someone who likes privacy and independence, so living by myself is the perfect situation to be in. The only time I’ve ever found myself bothered by living alone was two months ago, when my furnace started acting up. Winter had just started, so the outside temperatures hadn’t reached freezing yet. Nevertheless, I really enjoyed having heat in my house, so I usually turned my furnace on before I had to. One day, I couldn’t get my furnace to flip high enough. No matter the amount I adjusted on the thermostat, the house felt like it was lukewarm at best. I even tried checking the air vents to make certain they were open, and nothing was blocking them. My partner and I didn’t know anything about  furnaces and I didn’t want to risk breaking the furnace by working on it myself. I was so frustrated, and for a brief moment, I found myself really wishing I had someone else inside the home to help me troubleshoot! Thankfully, I found the contact information to a local HVAC provider, and they sent over an HVAC technician. Within a few hours, the HVAC technician repaired my furnace. He even gave me several tips on making sure this furnace is prepared for cold weather. I’m so thankful that living by myself doesn’t mean I can’t figure out how to arrange for HVAC repairs.

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Finding a new air conditioner

A few pals and I decided to take a long weekend to camp and see the mountains for a few days. Work has been very busy of late, so the idea of a tranquil, relaxing weekend sounded like a much needed break. We rented a cabin near the lake. We leased a cabin, which also gave us entry to a small fishing boat, a good jet ski and a wide variety of other fun items. We left on a Friday after work and planned to stay until Tuesday morning. When we arrived to the cabin, everything seemed to be in place. The cabin had two bedrooms and two toilets and was completely furnished. The view from the living room windows was amazing. We were truly impressed by way of the accommodations, until we realized that we were missing one very fundamental amenity. After looking through the cabin, I failed to find any type of A/C.  There were no living room air conditioners, no central heat and additionally, zero ceiling fans. Thankfully it was the end of the summer, so we wouldn’t be suffering from heat exhaustion. Some people left the cabin and went on the hunt for a few portable fans to keep us cool. The lady at the superstore in town informed us that the vast majority of cabins in that area didn’t have central heat or air, if we found one with running water, we were lucky. Next time we go on an impromptu vacation, I am going to make sure to ask about the HVAC system.hvac-tune-up

I don’t think this A/C works the right way

A couple of times a month I like getting out of the house and meeting up with a couple of old friends for dinner and drinks. We travel around trying new restaurants together, establishments we’ve heard good feedback about. Just recently my friends and I drove a few towns over to try this restaurant we heard good things about. We made a reservation and arrived to find the business packed full of patrons. The place seemed energetic and lively, just the kind of place my friends and I love to frequent. After we were seated however, we noticed the indoor temperature seemed unusually hot and rather uncomfortable. We looked around and observed other patrons were fanning themselves and also appeared hot. I asked our kind waitress why it was so warm and she informed me their air conditioning unit stopped working earlier in the day. The owner contacted their HVAC company and technicians were doing their best to fix the issue. It was cooling off outside, but with all the people inside the indoor climate was just unbearable. We asked to be seated outside on the patio where there was at least a breeze. Our food was delicious and the live band was great, but our experience wasn’t the best as a result of the air conditioning situation. A manager came to us to apologize and told us from now on they would monitor their HVAC system more closely. We told them we’d return again once the A/C was working efficiently, we really did enjoy the environment. In the summer months, air conditioning is often more of a necessity than a convenience. If companies are looking to keep their customers happy and comfortable, they better pay attention to their HVAC system.

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A broken air conditioner

A close friend and I recently traveled down south for a weekend wedding. It was summer and the weather down that way had been outrageously hot and humid, much hotter than we were used to up here anyways. We had a room booked in the hotel everyone else in the family was staying at, which I thought could be both fun and convenient. But when we arrived the night before the wedding reception, there was nothing convenient about the hotel. We arrived at our hotel to discover our room’s air conditioner wasn’t working at all. It was in the 90s outside that day and the room was unbearably hot. We talked to the front desk to see if there was anyway we could switch rooms, but we were told the hotel was fully booked. They told us they will contact their HVAC technician at the earliest opportunity but it probably wouldn’t be until the next day. We didn’t have a choice in the matter at that time of night so we decided to muscle through the night without any A/C. It was awful. My friend and I tossed and turned all night due to the heat and didn’t get much sleep. We woke up in the morning tired, warm and moody. The air conditioner was fixed the following night which was a relief although the experience was still frustrating and overall a detrimental one. When you book a hotel room, if nothing else, customers want to be comfortable. If a hotel’s HVAC system is not operating properly, being comfortable proves quite difficult. The next time I book a hotel I’m definitely going to do my research and make certain they have A/C and their online reviews are favorable.

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