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My house is located near the water, and I love being that close to the water. From my house, it’s only a short walk to the lake. I try to go there as often as I’m able to, especially during summer months. Being by the water has always been so relaxing for me. It’s a big element of why I chose to purchase this house initially. I love walking to the lake in the evenings. The sun sets directly above the lake, and the sky evolves into a beautiful array of azure and crimson. Last night, I started out on my nightly walk approximately 7 o’clock, hoping to spend some time walking on the beach before the sun started to set. Unfortunately, as soon when i arrived at the lake, it started thundering and lightning, and yes, it started downpouring! By the time I walked home, I was absolutely soaking. I had left my air conditioner on, too, and the instant I felt the cold hit my skin, I started shivering. I immediately ran for the thermostat and cranked it up as high as it would go. Within a few minutes, the furnace kicked on along with my home was as warm as it could be. I changed my clothes and relaxed on the couch, letting the warm air in the furnace wash over my freezing arms and legs. Instead of sitting and watching the setting sun, I decided to open up a bottle of champers and kick back in the heat from the furnace. I was so thankful that I have a great efficient furnace at home to maintain warmth, especially after getting soaked with the rain!


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Church buses-heating and cooling

Just about every Sunday morning, I help out within my church working on one of their bus routes. The bus goes to get people, whether adults or little ones, who do not have any way to get to church. I really enjoy working on the bus. I am in charge of all the paperwork, so it’s my job to write down who attended, any new riders, addresses, etc. I also try my hardest to get to know the riders on that bus. Many of them come from broken homes and have many difficulties in life. I really try to leave a positive impact on them once a week. When I first started on the bus route, the buses were very old. They ran pretty well, but there was no air conditioning or heating to speak of, so we’d burn up in the summer and freeze in the wintertime. I remember having to bring some blankets on the bus to keep warm! Thankfully, a few years ago, the church raised some money for getting new buses. These buses had air conditioning and heating, which is a really huge help! Our riders are a lot happier now that they know they have a new heating and air conditioning system to keep them comfortable throughout their ride. Of course, the volunteers enjoy the air conditioning and the heating as well! I have not had to bring a blanket on the bus since we got the new ones! Air conditioning and heating are luxuries that you never really appreciate until you’re forced to go without them.

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Areas of home with HVAC tune ups needed

I have always hated laundry, and I avoid it as long as I can. My mother always found it to become a relaxing chore, but I never learned to savor it. Getting laundry done is specially hard when you don’t possess a washer and dryer easily obtainable. I could have rented a washer and dryer with my apartment, but I didn’t think it was worth it for the extra forty dollars each month. Instead, I’ve just been using the laundry room that the complex provides. There are a couple problems with the laundry room in that place, however. It is really outdated, with only a few units and dryers. The tiled terrain is breaking apart in areas, and the paint is peeling away from the walls. The HVAC system is really outdated, too. Even in the most popular of temperatures, you can barely have the air conditioning coming through the air vent. It’s a small room, so you would think it wouldn’t take long for the air conditioner to settle down the air. Unfortunately, the air conditioning is so weak that the air contained in the laundry room is constantly stuffy in addition to overheated. I’m not an specialist on HVAC systems, but I have a suspicion  that the air conditioner ought to be replaced, and the air vent might need be cleaned in order to allow more air come through. I’m sure that I’m going to let the apartment management know that some may need a new HVAC system. It’s hard to sit on an hour and wait for your laundry to remain done when the room is so hot and stuffy. If it had proper air conditioning, I might be inclined to start doing laundry on a regular basis!

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ductwork all clean

When my boyfriend and I moved into our apartment, we were both really excited to have a lot more space. Instead of getting a one bedroom apartment, we thought we would splurge and get a three bedroom. That way, we could use the extra bedrooms for our very own office spaces, and we could have room for family and friends to come visit us. The few extra rooms means we have more space, but it also means that I have to do some extra cleaning. My boyfriend is top notch at keeping the kitchen cleaned up, so I try to cover vacuuming and dusting the dwelling. Lately, I’ve noticed that there seems to be a lot of dust and dirt relating to the desks, countertops, and window sills. I mentioned this to my own boyfriend and he suggested that we review the air vents. We have been keeping our air conditioner running the whole day, and dirty air vents will spread dirt and dust all over. As it turns out, he was right! Each and every room comes with an air vent, and each air vent was coated in earth and dust. Every time the air conditioner experienced a cycle, that debris had been spread around the apartment. My boyfriend unscrewed the different air vents, and washed them off within the sink. After cleaning off mid-air vents, the dust problem within our apartment was much better. This weekend, we are going to contact our landlord to ask for the HVAC technician to come and check the air ducts too, merely prevent our apartment from replenishing with dirt and dust just as before!


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My husband and son spend a lot of time playing videogames together. Once they get started they hardly notice if I am in your house unless they need something. They play on-line computer games and games on the Xbox live. As they play, I typically wander the home doing chores or go out and about and run errands. Last weekend, they played their video games and I went out and ran errands. While I was gone my hubby called me and asked if we were having air conditioning complications lately. I told him we did not have any problems and our AC had been working fine last time I was home. Sometime in the last few hours I had been gone our air conditioning system had broken. My husband said our home was very warm. They had suddenly noticed the warmth in the house. I assume the air conditioner had quit working before I left or soon after I left. My husband was forced to stop his game and investigate the issue. After looking around at the AC unit for a few moments and trying to troubleshoot the matter, I finally got home after my errands. When I did the very first thing I asked was if my hubby had checked the breaker box. He had forgotten to test it. The breaker was tripped. We quickly flipped the breaker and the air conditioner came back on at once. It filled the house with cool air. I really love using a working A/C unit. I am so thankful which our air conditioning problem was something as simple as tripping the breaker.

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AC gone after power outtage

Soon, a hurricane is coming through. It probably will swing right past us, but in case it does not, we will be prepared for any storm. We will buy some bottled water and batteries. We will make certain the generator is filled with gas as well as the gas cans are full. We also make certain to bring in the yard furniture and tie down most things that cannot be brought into that garage or house. It is so nice to be able to use a generator during a hurricane. The power almost always goes out after a hurricane. This means we are not able to use our air conditioner. Since hurricane season is during the summertime it will always be really hot. When the hurricanes stops the power, we plug the fridge and freezer in the generator. We have a big enough generator that any of us can also plug in a lamp or two plus some fans. Thankfully, the fans are enough to produce the house cool. Even with the fans you long for the power as soon as possible so we can get air conditioning again. AC is so much better than the fans. The fans merely circulate air but they do not produce cool air. I take pleasure in the cold temperatures of the air conditioning. Minus the air conditioning, the fans circulate a stale humid air. This provides improvement over nothing, but not as comfortable as an air conditioned house. Typically the power comes back on a few weeks, but sometimes you can be without power for several weeks. Thankfully we have a generator to help us have some cooler temperatures even during and after a bad storm.

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My Grandma has had a wood burning stove residing in her family room for as long as I can remember. Not only is this stove a heat-producing powerhouse, it also fits the aesthetic charm of her family room extremely well. She told me recently that her wood stove has been in her home since her kids– our mother plus her siblings– were young children. I asked her how operated the wood stove three young children in the house. Wouldn’t there have been a safety issue? I asked. She told me in response: she did take many safety precautions. She ensured that her children knew that the wood stove functioned as a source of heat. They definitely knew not to go near it or touch it. For nice air quality, she consistently checked to make sure that the chimney was clean, plus once a year she would call to have a professional inspect the buildup of creosote. Creosote can be genuinely dangerous. The winter season was always important, since this wood stove was the main way our Grandma would heat her house. She would put the children to task stacking up the wood in the mudroom. She does have a furnace installed in her house now which heats the other rooms well, but she always uses her attractively efficient wood stove to pump out heat for the family room. When she calls for Heating plus A/C service, she requests that the Heating plus A/C specialist take a look in her chimney to verify its safety. I don’t guess she will ever stop using that awesome wood stove!heating-and-air

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My grandmother has had a wood burning stove in her living room for as long as I can remember. This adorable wood stove is not only a heat-producing powerhouse, it is also very beautiful and fits the aesthetic of her family room really well. She told me recently that this wood stove has been in her house since her children– my mother and her siblings– were very young children. I asked her how she kept the wood stove burning with three young kids in the house. Wasn’t there a safety issue? I wanted to know. She told me in response that she did take safety precautions. She made sure that her children knew that the wood stove was a source of heat. They knew not to touch it or go near it. For good air quality, she regularly made sure that the chimney was clean, and once a year she would call and have a professional inspect for the buildup of creosote, which can be very dangerous. The heating season was always very important, since this wood stove was the primary way my grandmother would heat her home. She would put the kids to work stacking dry wood in the mudroom. She has a furnace installed in her home now which heats the other rooms well, but she still uses her wonderfully efficient wood stove to heat the family room. Now, when she calls for regular HVAC service, she requests that the HVAC technician take a quick look in her chimney to double check its safety. I don’t think she will ever stop using that amazing wood stove!

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My HVAC technology

My husband was not happy in much of our old house. That’s why we packed up, moved and decided to build a home. I did not care much about what the house was, I merely wanted an open floor plan downstairs. It was important to me that the kitchen and family room be one huge room for our family and friends. This would make entertaining our friends and family members much easier and pleasant for everyone. My husband hired a contractor. The crew that was working on the house did a superb job and completed the house in only two months, which was awesome. I was looking forward to moving our things on the new place and making it our own. Little did I know that when I was moving all of our things within it, my husband had a zone control feature that was included in our new HVAC system. This nifty feature allowed each room to be its own temperature. It may not appear to be much to you, but this allowed me to use the kitchen much more than I used to, while keeping the temperature in the kitchen at a lower environment. This way I would not necessarily get too sweaty while cooking food or baking, especially when the oven would be on. I was so excited to use our kitchen when everything was moved in and good to go.

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I don’t even want to go a day without cooling equipment

Monday is rarely an amazing day. It is notorious to get the most hated day for the week. The weekend is long gone and the new five days has begun. It is a discouraging day for most people. They don’t look forward to the work 7 days. This week was the most hateful Monday. When I walked into work the building was humid. I thought in the beginning it was just the place near the windows. Then, I skipped into the office and had a heat wave punch me. It was dreadfully hot in the offices. At first, we just thought the HVAC wasn’t turned back on after a few days off. The problem was not that. The air conditioner was on it’s last legs. It was not working in any respect. There was no arctic air coming from many of the air vents. The air conditioner was on in line with the thermostat but it was blowing forth no cold or maybe cool air. The boss called the area HVAC service. They could not help us until late that afternoon. We had projects to do that could not be canceled. Quite a few people went home hastily and grabbed portable fans they placed around the office house and conference rooms. We hated life all morning in the hot constructing. When lunchtime finally came everyone took off to get somewhere to eat with air conditioning. Heat was suffocating. We all manufactured to sure to take an extra long break and enjoy the cool air from restaurants’ HVAC units. If there was ever a workday to hate it was subsequently this one without cool air.

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